Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saint Catherine of Siena, statue, outside Castel sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

COMMENT: St. Catherine of Siena was proclaimed one of the two patron saints of Italy by the Pope in 1939 along with St Francis of Assisi.

Catherine of Siena, a Dominican, exercised considerable influence over ... 
statue of Saint Catherine of Siena, outside Castel sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy.
A statue of Saint Catherine of Siena, outside Castel sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy. Artist: Francesco Messina (1900-1995).

Statue of St Catherine

St Catherine of Siena is commemorated by a statue located in the middle of a flowerbed in the magnificent gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo. Catherine was proclaimed one of the patron saints of the country in 1939 together with St Francis of Assissi. Sculpted entirely out of white marble, the figure is wrapped in a long, unadorned cloth, giving her a charitable look. Four base reliefs depict scenes from her life. The monument was designed in 1961 by Francesco Messina, the creator of the famous Dying Horse, situated in Viale Mazzini.

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