Saturday, 21 July 2007

Painting of Nunraw – Sydney Goodsir-Smith

We have discovered this painting, which was found under dust and grime in the joinery workshop. When I asked the Abbot if I could have it for the Guesthouse he said, and I do not lie, "That rubbish. I could have done that with one hand tied before my back". In 1956 the Guest Masters would have been Fr John and Fr Alphonsus and the rest of the SILENT monks would not have met or known the artist at that time.

In the Famous Person Website I searched for Sydney Goodsir-Smith, and sent the inquiry below. So far there has been no response from that source. I have added one of the helpful answers from
Following this Website I am curious about the identity of Sydney Goodsir-Smith.
We have in our possession a painting of Nunraw House, 24 x 34 cm, with the initials SG-S and a label on the back with his signature Sydney Goodsir-Smith.
This would suggest that he stayed sometime at Nunraw Abbey Retreat House.
None of the monks seem to remember him.
If he is the person better known as a poet and for some mention of his drawings, we would be very glad to learn more about this man.
Te Email below is from the Website, which includes this email address.
Contributors: Do you have a site related to Sydney Goodsir Smith?
We would be grateful to hear from you.
My signature has our website. Sydney Goodsir Smith
Can you identify the person Sydney Goodsir Smith as the artist who made a water colour painting for us 1956?
On the Famous Person Website: Sydney Goodsir Smith is given as someone in whom we are interested.
We have a painting of the old Scottish Mansion style building of Nunraw, East Lothian.
The date is given as 1956.
We would like any biographical information that he may have done this water colour painting around that date.
Or any confirmation that he may have stayed at this place?
To my question, came up with three answers almost within the hour. And the following seems the best response.
Hi! There is an amazing amount of information available about this gentleman. His personal papers are documented through various university archives. The only reference I could find to 1956 was a book that was published, "Selected Writings of Sydney Smith," and no specific reference to Nunraw, East Lothian. However, by accessing permission to view his extensive personal correspondence, you may find your answer. I wish you so much good luck in your search!

Sydney Goodsir Smith (26 October 1915 – 15 January 1975) was a New Zealand-Scottish poet, artist, dramatist and novelist.
He wrote poetry in literary Scots often referred to as Lallans, and was a major figure of the Scottish Renaissance.
He was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and moved to Edinburgh with his family in 1928. He was at school at College. He went to Edinburgh University to study medicine, but abandoned that, and started to read history at Oriel College, Oxford; whence he was expelled, but managed to complete a degree.
His first poetry collection of many, Skail Wind, was published in 1941. Carotid Cornucopius (1947) was a comic novel about Edinburgh. His play The Wallace formed part of the 1960 Edinburgh Festival.
Still searching.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Monday 16th July, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, was our parents' Wedding Anniversary and we had the Mass at Humbie in the Chapel of the Poor Clares.

The third snap shows the party at the Guesthouse the evening before the three sisters left for their homes.