Nunraw Abbey Shop

Dear Sr. Mary,
You are up to date with, 'Nunraw Abbey Shop & Corpus Christi in Poland'. 
Today, Sunday, we had our Corpus Christi cloister procession Hour of Adoration and later Vespers Benediction. We are put in the shade by the 2 hour Procession and 2 Stations 'not counting the Parish Church' in Poland.
We look forward when you talk viva voce your experiences.
Yours ...

Abbey Shop & Corpus Christi in Poland
On Sunday, 22 June 2014, 
Sr. Mary wrote:
Thanks very much for all the recent blogs - reg. Monica Jamieson, Myrtle park, the food of love and the new Abbey Shop and so on.
I hope to catch you on Skype one of these days for a chat.

On  Thursday, we celebrated Corpus Christi and joined the Parish Procession honouring the blessed Blessed Sacrament. It lasted over 2 hours and had three stations, not counting the Parish Church.  More about this when we talk.  
Blessings galore. 
Lots of love and prayers, 
Your ....... , 
Nunraw Abbey Shop
Open Daily 2pm to 4.30pm and after Mass on Sundays.
 It is situated directly above the Reception room.
From Reception to the Church
Liam has helped with the 'setting up'  of the ABBEY SHOP notice in a Page-Template in the Blog.
Visited 20 June 2014
Then inserted Pictures as below.

Br. Philip - Shop keeper 
Custom in Abbey Shop
Books in the New Abbey Shop
Assistance in the Abbey Shop

Abbey Shop Information included on the Side-Bar,
and a FaceBook entry.

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