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Saint Martin de Porres, OP

Saint Martin de Porres
(Optional Memorial)
November 3
Martin de Porres, OP (AC)
Born at Lima, Peru, on November 9, 1579; died November 3, 1639; beatified in 1837; canonized on May 5, 1962, by Pope John XXIII; feast day formerly November 5.
  The medallion of Saint Martin de Porres is the work of the Dominican priest and sculptor, Father Thomas McGlynn (1906–1977). Father McGlynn's strong images ...

Even sick animals came to Martin for healing. He demonstrated a great control of and care for animals--  
  a care that apparently was inexplicable to the Spaniards--extending his love even to rats and mice, whose scavenging he excused on the grounds that they were hungry. He kept cats and dogs at his sister's house.

He is the patron saint of interracial relations (because of his universal charity to all men), social justice, public education, and television in Peru, Spanish trade unionists (due to injustices workers have suffered), Peru's public health service, people of mixed race, and Italian barbers and hairdressers (J. White). 

San Martin de Porres huaycan.jpg
Portrait of St. Martin de Porres, c. 17th century, Monastery of Rosa of Santa Maria in Lima. This portrait was painted during his lifetime or very soon after his death, hence it is probably the most true to his appearance.
Martin of Charity
Saint of the Broom

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