Friday, 14 June 2013

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Thanks to the OCSO grapevine, and confirmed by Facebook, we are thrilled  by Mount Saint Bernard news.
In this community Saturday Lady Mass, our heartfelt prayer accompanies each and everyone of the brethren at Mount Saint Bernard. In mind, we remember especially Dom Joseph and Fr. Erik knowing  new fires of the Holy Spirit.

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Mount St Bernard

On June 11, 2013 Dom Joseph Delargy completed a second six year term as abbot of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey.  On that same day an election was held which was inconclusive.  After following the required procedures the Father Immediate, Dom Brendan Freeman, appointed Fr. Erik Varden as Superior ad nutum
Dom Erik, born in Norway in 1974, entered the monastery in 2002, made solemn profession in 2007 and was ordained priest in 2011.  At the time of his appointment he was Prior.

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The community after the election of Fr Erik as superior ad nutum. The abbatial election on Tuesday did not result in the choice of an abbot because the votes were inconclusive. Fr Erik is now our superior for a temporary term of about 18 months, after which we hope to hold another election. Please pray for him.

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G van der Weegen As we thank Dom Joseph for his 12-year abbacy, so we pray for Fr Erik as he begins the next chapter in the life of the community at MStB.

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