Thursday, 8 September 2011

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Thank you,
The Link is invaluable -  
You are our best READER.
And your insight, "Opening Mass contains a sublime sentence: "If we don't see the need to be saved then we don't need a Saviour", opens up to the unwavering thread of the Abbot general.
Keep me on the trail.
God bless.

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Dear Father Donald,
Thank you for these wonderful articles on things old and new!
What a journey Abbot Mark had to reach the MGM...On Tuesday the Flight failed.... a later Flight reached Italy... train on to Assisi - a much late arrival....[hopefully] in time for the Opening Mass and Homily of the Abbot General. I do hope you have received contact from Abbot Mark. I am delighting in your intercessions for the fruit of the MGM, for truly, as was said of of the Brothers of Atlas - "If Tibhirine remains, the Church is saved", without the strength of the unity within the charism of the Cistercian Order, the heart of the Church in the world would die. The Homily of The Abbot General for the Opening Mass contains a sublime sentence: "If we don't see the need to be saved then we don't need a Saviour". Thank you so much for providing us with the link to the MGM blog,  

I remembered the article in the Scottish Catholic Observer, a retreat feature from October 2001, and the words: "a step back from the bustle, a slower pace to allow your mind and body to rest and refresh themselves"... not 'to be refreshed'? - I remember the thought that refreshment is both passive and active! 
Malcolm Muggeridge's television era produced challenging forums, and his style of writing recalls to me his style of speech, and its directness! It is fascinating for me to read of his visit in 1967, the names of the Monks in conversation at that time, the living accomodation in the old Abbey, and of "the chapel—a converted army hut of I9I4-I8 vintage". For me the key sentence in his chapter on Nunraw is:  "on reflection I decided that it is only the other-worldly who know how to cope with this world".
So great a heritage - so great a challenge for the MGM.
...  in Our Lord,

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