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'Of Gods and Men' Atlas Monks Tibhirine

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Dear Father Donald,
Thank you for a real treasure - it is so moving to enter upon such intimate scenes from within the world of the Atlas Community, not least indeed to see the word/phrase that encapsulates the whole of the Atlas story, in Dom Christian's own handwriting, A-DIEU.
That will be oft visited, and ever cherished. It is a lovely tribute to them.
. . . in Our Lord,
Subject: [Dom Donald's Blog] 'Of Gods and Men' Atlas Monks Tibhirine 


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New website for monastery that inspired 'Of Gods and Men'
Posted: Monday, September 19, 2011 12:08 pm
Atlas Mountains

Monastery of Tibhirine


 A new website, on the Trappist monastery of Tibhirine in Algeria, has been built by the Church in Algeria. The  real-life story of the monks  who lived there until they were killed in 1996,  has been told in the  award-winning film 'Of Gods and Men'. The site includes some original photographs and personal accounts by the monks. The monastery has been restored and now welcomes visitors and pilgrims.

To visit the site see:  http://www.monastere-tibhirine.org/  

Community with  visitor Dom Armand

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